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Why are Orange Cats so Crazy? Facts and Info About Orange Cats

Contrary to popular belief, orange is not a breed in itself but a color of the furs in various cat breeds.

The orange color, often called ginger or red, is common in most cats with the tabby coat pattern.

Some of the most well-known breeds with orange cats include the American Shorthair, Persian, Maine Coon, Scottish Fold, and Abyssinian, among others.

One of the most FAQs about cats with orange-coated furs is, “Why are Orange Cats so Crazy?

This piece is detailed information and facts about the orange cats.


Why are Orange Cats so Crazy?

Many cat lovers believe orange cats are usually energetic, cruel, and sometimes “crazy” due to their color; however, this myth is not true.

Cats’ personalities and traits are inherited from their breed and parents. The orange fur is pretty much just their skin (coat) color.

If an orange cat displays the attributes of a “crazy cat,” this results from the genes inherited from its parents or breed type.

An example of these breed types is the Scottish Fold. Cats of this breed tend to have a fierce and vibrant temperament, regardless of their color.

Why are orange cats crazy
An Orange Scottish fold cat.

While most cat lovers think orange cats can be crazy sometimes, others believe otherwise.


7 Interesting Facts about Orange Cats

1. They have a very odd genetic

The stunning orange hue of these cats’ fur is not just a matter of aesthetics; it’s a result of genetics.

They owe their distinctive color to a gene known as the “orange” or “O” gene. The “O” gene codes for produces an orange pigment called pheomelanin.

The pigment pheomelanin present in orange cats is the same one that gives humans ginger hair.

Interestingly, this gene is located on the X chromosome, which means that most orange cats are male.

Female orange cats are much rarer and typically possess two X chromosomes with the orange gene.


2. They exist in a Variety of Breeds

Orange furs can be found in various cat breeds. Each breed brings its unique characteristics and temperament to the table, adding to the diversity within the orange cat community.


3. Personality Plus

Many cat lovers describe orange cats as affectionate, friendly, and outgoing, with an appetite for seeking attention from their human companions.

According to a University of California’s research in 2012, orange cat guardians believe they are the most lovable of all cats. Hence, they are dubbed the nickname “Velcro cats” by cat lovers.

They also tend to form strong bonds with their companions and enjoy participating in household activities.


4. They are famous

Orange cats have made their mark in popular culture, with several notable feline celebrities stealing the spotlight.

Perhaps the most famous orange cat of all time is Garfield, the lasagna-loving comic strip character created by Jim Davis.

Millions of fans worldwide have grown to love Garfield because of his clever punchlines and relentless appetite.

Another beloved orange cat is Crookshanks from the Harry Potter series. He played a key role as Hermione Granger’s loyal companion.

Why are orange cats dump?
Crookshanks and Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series. Photo source: Wizarding World


5. Health Considerations

While orange cats are generally robust and healthy, they may experience certain genetic conditions. This also applies to many purebred cats as well.

For example, Persian cats are prone to respiratory issues due to their short-nosed facial structure (brachycephalic).

Regular veterinary check-ups and proper care are essential to ensuring their health and well-being.


6. Symbolism and Superstitions

Generally, cats have been associated with various superstitions and beliefs throughout history.

Some cultures consider cats as a symbol of good luck and prosperity, while some other cultures view them with suspicion or fear.

For instance, in ancient Egypt, cats were revered as sacred creatures and believed to bring their owners blessings.

On the other hand, in some parts of West Africa, cats are associated with witchcraft.


7. Rescue and Adoption

Like all cats, orange cats are also in shelters and rescue organizations worldwide, waiting for their forever homes.

Adopting a cat from a shelter saves a life and allows you to provide a loving and caring home to a deserving animal.

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